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International shipping is discounted 50% on orders over $100 (this will happen automatically in the shopping cart).
If you are only ordering a few stamps, email me for a less-expensive alternative.
You Canadian folks are in a separate group, so send me an email for details.
Although Carmen's Veranda and Lost Coast Designs are separate companies with separate shopping carts, they both go through the same credit card and PayPal accounts, so I will combine any orders placed on the same day. This means they can be combined to get free or 50% off shipping if the total is over $100, and even if it is not, I'll still deduct one of the shipping charges. Hope this is clear!
Carmen's Veranda

Welcome to Carmen's Veranda. Come to shop; Stay to play.
The website is now open. We are continuing to upload images, so please check back for later additions.

Contact us via Email, or at
5310 East Granite Point Drive
Spokane Valley, Washington 99212
707-367-1805. Updated to my cell phone number. If I don't pick up, it's probably because I don't recognize your number. Just send me a text and I'll get back to you.
And if the email hotlink does not work, it is linda@lost-coast-designs.com.

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